Ear Infections

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At the top of eustachian tube, behind the ear drum is the middle ear.  This is a common site for infections in children. 
The salpingopharyngeus muscle is located at the end of the eustachian tube, on the opposite end of the ear drum.  Its function is to control pressure in the middle ear.

When the valve for the middle ear ( the salpingopharyngeus muscle) is not working properly fluid can build up and bacteria can grow.   Giving the child antibiotics will kill the bacteria but it will leave the fluid which will eventually allow more bacteria to grow.  This is why ear infections tend to be so recurrent.  If you want to drain the fluid you have two choices.

  1. You can subject your child to a tympanostomy, a surgery in which the child's ear drum is cut and a small tube is implanted to drain the fluid.
  2. You can bring your child to a subluxation based chiropractor to improve the function of the child's nervous system.  Once the child's nervous system is working properly, muscles throughout the body begin to act properly.   This includes the salpingopharyngeus muscle.  When the salpingopharyngeus muscle is regulating pressure normally it will allow the fluid to drain naturally so the bacteria do not have a hospitable environment to infest. Chiropractic care has been shown in many studies to help reduce the duration and frequency of ear infections.

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