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Chiropractic and Seizures

Written by Dr. Ari Cohn DC


The purpose of chiropractic care is to correct subtle and sometimes severe disturbances in the nervous system (the control center for all actions in the body). When there are disturbances in the nervous system one of the infinite things that can happen is a seizure disorder. There have been many cases of people greatly reducing and resolving seizure disorders when they begin to correct nervous system disturbances (subluxations) through chiropractic care.

A case of a 5 year old girl with a 9 month history of grand mal seizures who had not had a seizure free day in 6 1/2 months began chiropractic care. For the first week of care the girl experienced a mild increase in the frequency of seizures. However after 4 weeks of care she was seizure free. After a 2 year follow up and regular chiropractic check ups she still remains free of seizures. (1)

A 5 year old boy with a 3 year history of petit mal seizures experienced a great reduction in the frequency of seizures that he was having. His seizures consisted of a motionless blank stare that lasted 4-5 seconds per seizure, this occurred 4-6 times per hour. After 2 months of care his seizure frequency was reduced to 1 per day. (2)

A retrospective study of 5 cases which involved children suffering from seizures, hyperactivity, and inability to concentrate showed an improvement in all symptoms with chiropractic care. This study used computerized electroencephalography (CEEG) "Brain Mapping" to analyze brain activity. After 4 adjustments all 5 patients showed improvement in CEEG results and reduction of seizures. (3)

A 24 year old woman who was having multiple seizures day and at night, some of which were so severe she would vomit stopped having seizures after chiropractic care. The seizures had begun after a diving accident 17 years earlier. Multiple medications did not help. After one adjustment the seizures stopped and this person was still seizure free after 2 months when this paper was published. (4)

A 30 year old woman that had an 18 month history of myoclonic seizures at a frequency of 30-40 per day, despite anti-seizure medications stopped having seizures as a result of chiropractic adjustments. The day after her first adjustment she had 2 seizures the third day she had none. After a two year follow up she still has no seizures. (5)

A 21 year old woman reported that she had fallen during the night and hit her head. She had been diagnosed since childhood with grand mal and petit mal seizures. She would have a seizure approximately every three hours that lasted between ten seconds and thirty minutes. After a few months of chiropractic care and an eighteen month follow up, she only has one seizure every two months. (6)

Chiropractic adjustments are not a treatment for epilepsy or seizure disorders directly. Adjustments simply restore proper nervous system function and as a result a myriad of problems can be alleviated including seizures.

For more studies on Chiropractic and seizures.

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